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Donna Duryea, REALTOR(S) RS-62459

Even when Donna Duryea was living and loving life on the mainland, she would often think about the islands that she, as a kama`aina, feels blessed to have been born and raised upon. She would sense Hawaii’s soft rains on her face, its smooth sands against her fingers, and its cool waters over her skin. She believes that, while she was away, the islands were constantly calling her – they were reminding her of how they had shaped her personality with their warmth, vitality, life, and vibrant colors. When Donna decided to finally move back to Hawaii, she knew it was because her soul needed to go home.

Cosmic Connection

Donna is grateful to be a part of the Polynesian culture – she loves how the people of Hawaii open their arms to others in a nurturing and protective manner. She is also deeply rooted in Hawaii’s alluring music and dance, as these art forms exemplify the Hawaiian spirit. After Donna received her bachelor’s degree in theatre from the University of Colorado, she used the Polynesian philosophy of warmth and acceptance to make lasting friendships during a once-in-a-lifetime trip around the world. No matter where she was –Thailand, Europe, India, Nepal, or the Middle East – Donna adopted the exotic cultures with an open heart, and she will always cherish the relationships she formed.

Today, Donna remains faithful to Hawaii’s spirit and welcomes and cares for all the people around her, as if they were members of her home. In fact, she and her family often participate in foreign exchange programs – the latest students were from Kazakhstan and Vietnam. And when Donna sings in her band, which includes her brother on guitar and her son on drums, she taps into Hawaii’s spirit and gives the performance her all. But more importantly, Donna’s friends know that if they ever need anything, they can turn to her for comfort and help. That is, they know that Donna was nourished by Hawaii – that her warmth and love of life derives from the vitality that the islands are so famous for.

Deep in Her Soul

It’s clear that Hawaii’s essence runs through Donna’s bones and that she holds the unique lifestyle dear. This keen love for the islands is why Donna so relishes her career as one of the Big Island’s leading real estate professionals – it allows her to help people find the same joy in Hawaii that she has. Whether her clients are buying or selling a home, Donna’s receptive and protective disposition ensures that they are cushioned and secure. And just to make certain that her clients are truly looked after, she continually educates herself on the real estate industry and can provide her clients with knowledge and expertise that few agents can match.

The Majestic Big Island

Donna’s neighborly persona also allows her to work with other agents as a team, which makes real estate transactions smooth and stress-free. Considering her compassionate nature, it’s easy to see why Donna has developed so many deep friendships with her clients and peers over the years that she has been in the industry. They understand that Donna is genuinely after their best interests and that their investments are safeguarded.

Considering buying or selling on the magical Big Island? Contact Donna today. Her competence, skill, and most of all, her kindness, will propel you to real estate success. Call Donna Duryea because she has A Passion for the Island Home.


Donna proudly serves the real estate needs of residents of the Big Island of Hawaii as well as her home island of Oahu.



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